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Zarmine Aghazarian

​My paintings are based on a variety of observations drawn from my family, travels, the surrounding environment, and the people whom I have encountered in my life. I am often inspired by colors and vibrancy in the art-making of my Armenian heritage and American culture.


Maintaining continuity between vibrant energy of color and brush stroke is a common thread throughout all of my paintings, which I approach through applying multiple layers of hues with differing levels of saturation. Often times I include layers of mixed media such as hand made papers and newspaper. I feel each painting has its own unique story and character, and I enjoy this process of searching for balance between color, texture, composition and context.


A verbally reserved person, art is my way of voicing my emotions and thoughts. When an image or idea comes to mind, it will remain there until I am able to sketch it or paint the image on the canvas. However, once I have started the art process, I allow the image to evolve according to my aesthetic interests and influences at that time.


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